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Aside from my new adventure blogging, I also work from home for a company called Arise.

I have been working for Arise since 2009 when I began working for At&t Mobility. As most people I was afraid of all the “scams” out there and even now their is so many more!

However, after much reluctance I signed up with them and I haven’t looked back.

Of course one of the hardest things (at least for me) working from home is holding yourself accountable and actually “showing up.”

With Arise, you control your schedule which is awesome but you technically are your own boss so if you have to take off for a week, you don’t have someone breathing down your back! Now even though this is a “GREAT” thing, it can also be a bad thing!

What is Arise Virtual Solutions?

It’s an Outsourced Customer Service Center ~ so basically they are the middle man between you and large companies they “service” (Apple, Comcast, Agero, Intuit, Carnival, Princess Cruises, Disney, Verizon, and Home Depot just to name a few…)

“YOU” work as an independent contractor for them which means “you” are your own boss… unless your signing up under another IBO (independent contractor, like myself) then you must have a business established (an llc preferably)… this is actually very easy to do (I will talk about this later)…

I originally signed up under another IBO which ultimately became a huge mistake because I was almost scammed…

BUT thankfully I was smart and realized early enough to change the outcome…I will say though something good did come out of it; I have worked with Arise as my own boss (IBO) & love it!

Now, what makes Arise get negative backlash is that you are required to pay for your training, which is unpaid.

I was skeptical about this at first as well, buttttt you have to remember its all part of being your own boss!

When you own a company, who pays for the training? The company owner…but if you are the company owner getting the training then guess your SOL and paying for your own training, huh…

Depending on the company, the demand of the class, the length of training & the date the class starts will help in determining the price of the class.

When I started with Arise, you couldn’t find a training under $200 but now I never see them over $200. They range from $15 – $150.

So hopefully now your wondering, where do I signup! You got it, go here! And don’t forget to say who referred you: CSP 771432

Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions, I love to help! Use “ARISE” in subject line!

Disclaimer; This post may contain affiliate links.

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