Weight Loss ~ Let’s Get Started

Its a new year and everyone wants to make that new years resolution..whats yours for 2019?

Well, mine is to lose weight. Who’s with me?

So weight watchers is offering a killer deal right now; Lose 10 lb. on us!

Ok, I have tried every diet you can think of and even did the weight watchers shakes back in the day. But i think right now my weight is the absolute highest its ever been, almost as high as when I was about to deliver my twins.

Ugh, thats so hard to admit. But it is the truth. My weight is over 200 lb.. right now. Im only 5’3.

In a doctors eyes that is considered Obese. Fun Fact: My doc actually told me that because most of the U.S. population is considered “obese”, they are actually considering increasing the BMI Index. Is this true? I don’t know but that is what my doc said… maybe to make me feel better…

With Pre/Diabetes starring me in the face it is pretty scary. I don’t want to be a statistic. So time to make some changes.

Whats a better time than 2019. A new year, a new goal. So I ask again who is with me?

Just thinking about going on a diet makes me want a Big Mac & a Coke! Lol

Speaking of coke, the first step in my weight loss journey will be to stop drinking coke. Not a good habit but one I have carried with me since I was a teenager.

If you are counting points with weight watchers, even drinking one coke a day would be unrealistic. As well as the pre/diabetes aspect, for the good of my health and body its time to drop the soda.

As I am writing this post, I am officially on Day 3 of no soda. I have surpassed the headaches at this point but I can definitely tell I am lagging a bit.

So then my next bad habit… Coffee!

Well, it’s not really the coffee, its what you put in it… I don’t use sugar but I do use creamer. My guilty pleasure; Nestle Coffee-mate Dulce de Leche, yummm

I don’t plan to take Coffee out of the equation but I do plan to change what I put in it… Stay tuned to see how this goes…

Final Note; Original Weight- 204 / Today- 202

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