How to Save Money on Printer Ink

I don’t know about you but I print a lot!

Between kids school stuff, my business stuff and just plain everyday stuff; my printer gets a ton of action!

So with that means constant replacement of printer cartridges~ ughhh!!

I hate that cause you know you hardly get any use out of it before it runs out of ink and if you mess up some pages; don’t even get me started!

To contain the evil side of me, I decided to find another way.

I remembered several years back knowing a guy who knew a guy who owned a shop that “refilled printer cartridges.”

He was part of that whole, “going green” movement and to be honest his shop was slamming 24/7…

I did some research on how to do this myself, not open the business but refill my own cartridges at home. It’s actually pretty simple.

And guess what else?!? Soooo much cheaper!!!!! Yay!!!

I started by finding the best deal on ink which I found to be Amazon. Under $10 bucks with free shipping; woohoo!!

Lets do a cost comparison…

  • Refill Ink Cartridge – $7-10 for the kit to refill both (approx. 4-6 times)
  • Buy New Ink Cartridge – $12-18 for Black/ $15-20 for Color

Now you tell me which is the better deal?!

Once you have purchased your ink which I preferred to buy the kit because it makes way more sense and it ultimately is cheaper in the long run. But they do sell the ink colors individually as well…

What you will need:

  • Printer cartridge
  • Paper Towels/ Old Dish Towel
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Bottles of Ink or Kit
Don’t Forget Your Gloves!

How to Refill Your Ink Cartridges

  1. Layout several layers of paper towel or old dish towel folded to protect the surface from ink (very hard to get out)
  2. Put on your disposable gloves
  3. Remove the sticker off the top of the cartridge
  4. Insert the needle of the ink into one of the holes in the cartridge until it hits the sponge (on some cartridges, you may need to use a small screwdriver to make the hole; in a kit, this is included)
  5. Very carefully and slowly fill the cartridge with ink. If the ink begins to come out of the hole then you are filling too fast! Let the ink settle and then start again. Most ink cartridges hold about 1 Tablespoon of ink so be mindful of the amount you are using.
  6. Replace the printer cartridge in your printer and WAIT for at least a few hours before using. I knowwww this is not going to help you if you have to print right away but the ink needs time to settle. (A Secret: If you are in an absolute bind like I put myself in allll the time; you can wrap the cartridge in a towel, “holes” side up and tap lightly on a hard surface).

Now I know not all printer cartridges are the same but the concept is similar for each cartridge. You may have to google your specific cartridge to find a youtube video but the main point is that, “you just saved a bunch of money!”

I don’t know about you but saving money makes me happy 🙂

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I’m always here to help!

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