The Humphrey Farm

Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was surround myself with animals!

My parents made sure to acclimate me to animals since I was a baby so I would never know what it would be like to be without.

After meeting my husband, the love for animals is one of the many things we share as well as owning a home with property… so we could load it with animals!

So we did just that…we started in 2013; acquiring animals that needed homes that may require land ~ goats, chickens, ducks & ponies to just name a few.

This section of my blog is going to be about our journey to starting our future “non-profit” The Humphrey Farm.

Yes, on top of the twin craziness ~ just add all those animals! But I have to say there is nothing better than raising our kids to love and cherish animals as much as we do!

Depression & Anxiety ~ Real Life

So this section is going to be a little bit different… I would like ya’ll to share your stories…

Of course, I will share mine and it will probably take more than one post but what I hope to gain & what I hope for you to gain is the sense that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Email your stories to

Feel free to leave your name or not and I will quote you as anonymous if you choose. I will not release any info that you do not want me to.

If you just want to share with me your story in private, that is ok too. I would be more than happy to hear your story. The more the merrier. Its really a good thing to get it out.

Lastly, any nasty, rude or hateful comments will be deleted and scolded!

Thank you.

xox Doniele


Instead of waking up to Alexa telling me to get up at 6am, I’m actually awoke by a steady rocking noise…

It’s actually 2am and it’s not Alexa, but London…

She has rocked the couch into the middle of the floor…

I keep telling the doctors I don’t want my child to live on Melatonin for the rest of her life, there has to be another way…

Next Stop, Sleep Specialist…


We are days away from Valentine’s Day and I think this year may be the worst one yet.

This will be the 1st year that we will not be able to afford a proper vday…

At least to my standards…

Date night postponed until summer I guess.